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Account Management.

Customers, Prospects, and Suppliers. Instantly searchable, organized with labels.

With built-in CRM functionality you can add private account notes, review account billing history, and store multiple people's contact information under one account.

All activities, such as creating an invoice or logging a payment will automatically be placed in the activity feed so everyone in your team is kept in the loop.

Account Labels

Get Organized Using Labels

Organize all of your customer accounts using custom labels. Stay up-to-date with all your customers by reviewing their activity, purchase history and private notes all in one simple, unified place.

Customize Your Labels

Name your account labels anything you like, then choose a nice color to differentiate them from the rest. Filter your customer list by selecting a label and view your lists without all that extra clutter.

Instant Search

Search As You Type...

Finding your accounts has never been faster. Just start typing and your results will be presented in front of you before you're even done the first few characters.

Account Notes

Keep Detailed Notes on Every Account.

Add notes (with rich text formatting) about conversation, requests, feedback, or anything else you want the rest of your team to see. Instant Search lets you quickly find that important needle in your haystack of notes.

Multiple Contacts

Store Multiple Contacts for Each of Your Accounts.

Add as many contacts for each of your accounts as you like - each contact can even be associated to multiple accounts!

Instantly search the Global Address Book and see which contacts are associated with which accounts.

Sending an email? SalesBinder will also use the Global Address Book to autocomplete your email recipients to reduce the chances of typos.

Sales Opportunities

Track All Your Potential Sales.

Enter sales opportunities for your customers and prospects, then estimate the probability that you'll close the sale. Opportunities can be quite general, or even matched to a specific inventory item from your inventory list.

View your opportunities list and quickly see which are your hottest leads to actively pursue.

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