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Flexible Inventory Item Variations.

Breakdown an inventory item by attributes, such as size, color, and location.

How many blue widgets do I have, in size small, at this location?

Answering this question has never been easier. At a glance you can review how your item's overall stock levels are at each location as well as view a breakdown for how many of each variation you have at each of your locations.

Variations are extremely useful for when you have items that have different characteristics, such as:

  • sizes, colors, weight, dimensions, material, power, styles, capacity, etc.
  • locations are also attributes so you can define unique quantities for each location

Inventory Item Attributes

Reusable Attributes

Create all the attributes you need and use them on as many different inventory items as you like.

Different Attribute Types

Setup your attributes as plain text, unique text, or even a pre-populated select menu where you can define what options are available.

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